“TECHNOTRAIN” is a 1:1 industrial/academic twinning where three PhD research projects will be carried out in full collaboration between the private and the public research site. The main objective is to create a training platform for young European researchers, based on the creativity, flexibility and accuracy characteristic of an academic working environment, but with an industrial focus.
“TECHNOTRAIN” consortium wants to enhance and encourage young European researchers providing them with a wide, pragmatic and dynamic overview of the scientific industrial domain. Specific objective is the development of stereoselective, catalytic synthetic methods applicable for industrial production of enantiomerically pure, functionalized amino derivatives featuring a quaternary stereocenter. Target molecules will be chiral pharmaceutically active ingredients, or immediate precursors, including nonproteogenic alfa-disubstituted-amino acids.
More generally, the project research activity will focus on the preparation of other differently functionalised, quaternary chiral amines, with the aim both to successfully synthesize specific target molecules and to develop highly efficient, technology-driven methodologies. The combination of two modern, catalytic strategies (photocatalysis and organocatalysis) with safe and environmental friendly technologies is a key step towards the development of a more efficient, sustainable chemistry, in line with the Europe strategy. The “TECHNOTRAIN” approach of ‘training through research’ in emerging and interdisciplinary areas, is crucial for preparing the future generation of scientists able to transfer green, sustainable chemistry into industrial processes.

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